Sunday, January 13, 2008

Six Goal Win Sees Devils Drop

Manchester United may have returned to the top of the Premiership, but thanks to their six goal demolition of Newcastle they dropped to third after Round 2 of the PRoBrum MOTD Running Order Index, with Birmingham sitting pretty at the top after two low scoring matches against the main Premiership contenders.

There could be few complaints about the running order last night which pretty much ran from the top to the bottom of the league table, leaving those involved in the Villa and West Ham matches feeling rather unloved near the end of the show despite scoring more goals than average this weekend.

Birmingham have a great chance to extend their lead at the top (I don't get to write that often) being involved in the Blues derby next week against Chelsea. However, the Gubbometer shows that Chelsea are the only Premiership contender to have featured last on MOTD - twice. Could a shock at St Andrews put the big two back in their rightful place?

A reminder, scores are calculated using the following formula:

last weeks points+(running order points-number of goals)*number of matches on MOTD

Birmingham 56+(9-2)*8=112
Arsenal 42+(9-2)*8=98
Manchester United 56+(10-6)*8=88
Chelsea 30+(8-2)*8=78
Spurs 24+(8-2)*8=72
Middlesbrough 24+(7-2)*8=64
Everton 24+(6-1)*8=64
West Ham 42+(4-3)*8=50
Manchester City 0+(6-1)*8=40
Liverpool 0+(7-2)*8=40
Fulham 30+(4-3)*8=38
Aston Villa 24+(5-4)*8=32
Newcastle 0+(10-6)*8=32
Reading 18+(5-4)*8=26
Portsmouth 18+0=18
Derby 0+(3-1)*8=16
Wigan 0+(3-1)*8=16

Bolton, Blackburn and Sunderland have yet to feature on MOTD this year.

I have treble checked this but if you spot any mistakes please let me know.

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