Sunday, January 27, 2008

Early Cup Exits Improve League Postions

'It allows us to concentrate on the League' has been the mantra of many a manager whose team has exited the worlds greatest domestic club cup competition at an early stage and yesterday saw Aston Villa and Blackburn obtain an immediate return at least as far as PRoBrum MOTD Running Order Index was concerned. Missing out on Round 4 of the FA Cup meant they were the only Premiership teams playing on MOTD in Round 4 of the PRoBrum MOTD Running Order Index and of course one of the rules in the initial post was that only Premiership matches count, leaving both Aston Villa and Blackburn achieving ten points for being the first Premiership match on MOTD, with two points being subtracted for each goal scored in the match. Mulitplying by the number of Premiership matches on MOTD (one) leaves both clubs with eight points added to their tally.

Birmingham 154
Arsenal 140
Manchester United 130
Chelsea 120
Newcastle 102
Tottenham 100
Middlesbrough 85
Fulham 80
Bolton 70
Reading 68
Everton 64
West Ham 50
Aston Villa 40
Liverpool 40
Manchester City 40
Blackburn 29
Sunderland 28
Portsmouth 18
Derby 16
Wigan 16

Villa vs Blackburn was actually the fifth match featured on MOTD last night, and I did toy with giving them the number of points usually given to the teams featuring fifth (six points) as the original rules were actually a bit vague on yesterday's unusual situation. In the end, I decided against this because more Premiership matches shown at the end of an FA Cup show would leave teams no longer taking part in the FA Cup with potentially large negative scoring.

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