Sunday, January 20, 2008

King Kev Reigns in Round 3

His first game back may have only been a disappointing nil-nil bore draw, but in the PRoBrum MOTD Running Order Index King Kevin produced an immediate result for the Toon Army by getting the Geordies featured first on Match of the Day, producing the highest score in a week since records began (three weeks ago). Their opponents Bolton also benefited greatly, getting into the top half despite this being their first appearance on MOTD since the New Year began.
Interestingly enough last night saw MOTD start with the lowest scoring match and end with the highest scoring match, leaving Portsmouth and Derby getting the same amount of points as the teams who did not feature on MOTD last night - none. This is perhaps a sign that the BBC's flagship footie show spends at much time discussing events of the pitch than showing the action on it. Derby fans may feel particularly hard done by this season, not only propping up the Premiership and the PRoBrum Index but also clearly leading the Gubbometer which counts the number of times a team features last on MOTD.

Birmingham continued their fine form (!?) maintaining their 14 point lead over their closest rivals Arsenal. Indeed, all three games involving the big three received a 42 point boost which means that the gap between the top four remains unchanged. With a break for the FA Cup next week, Brum will go into February having led the PRoBrum MOTD Running Order Index throughout the whole of January.

Birmingham 112+(7-1)*7=154
Arsenal 98+(9-3)*7=140
Manchester United 88+(8-2)*7=130
Chelsea 78+(7-1)*7=120
Newcastle 32+(10-0)*7=102
Tottenham 72+(6-2)*7=100
Middlesbrough 64+(5-2)*7=85
Fulham 38+(9-3)*7=80
Bolton 0+(10-0)*7=70
Reading 26+(8-2)*7=68
Everton (no match) 64
West Ham (no match) 50
Manchester City (no match) 40
Liverpool (no match) 40
Aston Villa (no match) 32
Sunderland 0+(6-2)*7=28
Blackburn 0+(5-2)*7=21
Portsmouth 18+(4-4)*7=18
Derby 16+(4-4)*7=16
Wigan (no match) 16

This is the first week all Premiership have featured in at least one Match of The Day since the New Year; the competition is well and truly under way.

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Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

i used to live up that way. Can you imagine living surrounded by the Toon Army? Still, better than Sunderland.