Friday, July 29, 2005

Tornado batters Brum

There are some days which stick out in the mind of Brummies. Where were you when the large tremor hit Dudley in 2003? Or how did you get home on that notorious day in 2004 when the roads re-froze after being gritted, bringing gridlock to the entire region? We can now add to this the day the Mid-West came to the West Midlands.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I was at work when the tornado hit so didn't have any first-hand experience. While at work, we heard reports of many roads in south Birmingham being closed due to fallen trees. Then reports appeared on the internet claiming a tornado had hit south Birmingham, with pictures showing the area where I live with roofs ripped off. Fearing the worst, I rushed home and remember feeling the incredible humidity that followed the freak storm.

The tornado seemed to be centred on Kings Heath, the spiritual (and some would say physical) home of the People's Republic (although there was heavy damage in other areas as well including Sparkbrook an Moseley). The High Street suffered the most with the roof being ripped off Greggs and surrounding shops. A hut used as a booth at a carpark near my former school was lifted up into the air and smashed into the front of Iceland, injuring the man inside. Two people were also seriously injured at the bus stop where I catch my bus to work every morning due to branches falling in the All Saints Church compound. Many of its trees were uprooted, and damage was done to its 19th century roof and a stained glass window. The Catholic Church opposite where I worship however remained untouched.

I suppose God looks after his own!

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