Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Brum Strikes a Blow Against Terror

In a dawn raid in Hay Mills it appears that West Midlands Police, in conjunction with the security services and the Met have captured one of the failed bombers of 21st July. Obviously if this is confirmed, it is a massive breakthrough.

It was only a matter of time before the Islamic terrorist activity that has reared its ugly head was linked to the city. There is clearly a hotbed of discontent in certain areas of the city amongst the Muslim youth. Respect posters and others about Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq abound in the areas of South Birmingham where I live. A poster with a picture of the battered twin towers has also been seen with the caption "A towering day in history" in Balsall Heath.

The reports suggest that police used a taser to capture the suspect. Whereas this has the obvious advantage of not bringing in the suspect on a slab (although it has been known according to some organisations), presumably they were sure that he wasn't wearing a bomb belt that could have been set of by the explosives. Apparently though, he was wearing a rucksack containing explosives.

Hopefully he will know something about the whereabouts of the other suspected bombers, and perhaps some good can come out of the latest terror attempts.

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