Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Top Skatesman

The People's Republic was saddened to hear about the death of Edward Heath, the second former British Prime Minister to die this year after James Callaghan.

Edward Heath harks back to an era when the Tories were electable. A man from humble beginnings, he got to the top by hard-work and talent as opposed to the modern Conservatives who prefer to be born into their wealth. Added to this, you have to credit him for having no time for Margaret Thatcher, an attitude that even our Labour Prime Minister can't boast of. Indeed, Tony Benn's tribute was "He was well to the left of Tony Blair, that's for sure".

If any further proof were needed that he was indeed a top Skatesman, I will leave you with the following quote which he used to dismiss criticism of his handling of foreign policy:

"There are some people who believe that that the British Prime Minister should hang off the shoulder of the American President. I tell you, that is no future for Britain."


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