Monday, July 25, 2005

It's all Rover at Longbridge

More details emerge concerning the takeover of the remaining assets of MG Rover by the chinese firm Nanjing. It appear the Rover brand will no longer roll off the production lines in the Midlands, and it is increasingly likely that no more cars will roll of the production line at the Longbridge plant.

Not exactly the best way to celebrate 100 years of Longbridge, but thanks for all the memories.

The Nanjing bid was the least preferred bid for the People's Republic. Shanghai Automotive, despite their role in Rover's downfall, appear to have the intellectual rights to the 25 and the 75 giving it greater scope to restart production at Longbridge. The third bid would have kept the company in British hands, and appeared to have some great ideas to develop the MG brand. It seems however that in the end Nanjing bid the most and so got the prize. We wish them well, and hope they will maintain a decent manufacturing presence in the West Midlands.

Above all, we hope thay can give us some cars to be proud about.

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