Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Strikers

Here is where we lost the world cup. We only took four - two who were crocked and one who had never played a Premiership game.

9 Wayne Rooney - Sven had to take him for the unpredictability factor (and as it turned out he was not badly injured anyway). A mistake to play him up front on his own, as he was isolated and his frustration led to him being sent off.

10 Michael Owen - a confidence player who a brave manager would not have been taken - so Sven definitely had him in the squad.

21 Peter Crouch - what is going on with this player - he simply isn't international class. Presumably in the team because he plays for Liverpool, but that in itself is a mystery, particularly as Djibril Cisse, a far superior player, has just be loaned out by the same club. How can you take a striker who failed to score in the first fourteen games for his new club, and then missed a penalty?

23 Theo Walcott - again what is going on? How can you take a player who you have never seen and has never played a Premiership game? Sven clearly panicked after Rooney's injury - but then never had the guts to play him. His inclusion is comparable to Ronaldo in 1994 - the difference being he could remain on the bench for the experience because they had a fit, in form strike force that won the World Cup.

You have got to feel sorry for Darren Bent. Top English scorer in the season and does not get a look in. Jermaine Defoe did not become a bad player in one season. Andy Johnson made a big mistake staying with a Championship club - he certainly is international class but needs the Premiership experience, which he will get this year with Everton

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