Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Goalkeepers

The People's Republic doesn't have a football team, so unfortunately we are stuck with supporting England. A country which once produced the likes of Banks and Shilton between the sticks it appears that we are going through a rather barren spell with the following three stooges.

1. Paul Robinson - before the world cup mine and probably most people's number one choice to wear the gloves. Unfortunately he seems to be training too much with David James, flapping at crosses and generally making bad decisions. Given the dearth of top quality keepers at the moment a good tournament could have given him the goalkeeping jersey for the next ten years. With other managers he may not have lasted the tournament, but luckily his competition was not that fierce.

13. David James - never has been and never will be international class. An excellent shot stopper, but then most keepers are. It is decision making which separates the men from the boys. Probably needed in the squad because of his experience, but that alone is due to the loyalty of the bespectacled one. Surely time to train up another.

22. Robert Green. Had a shocking season with Norwich in the Championship, but unfortunately (for him) was injured before the tournament and replaced with 20-year-old Scott Carson, who doesn't have enough experience. If Chris Kirkland can keep himself fit, he has a great chance of getting into this setup.

But it is a big if.

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