Saturday, May 28, 2005

Not so Big Ben

Last night the clock that houses Big Ben stopped for only the fourth time in it's history.
The People's Republic are not surprised; if you ever are relying on something from London, you are asking for trouble. Luckily in Birmingham, we have a magnificent clock that can put Big Ben to shame.

Many Brummies would consider the so-called "Big Brum", the clock tower that adjoins the Art Museum to be Birmingham's rival to Big Ben. The People's Republic opposes this on two grounds. Firstly, the name is a problem, being an obvious rip-off of the inferior original. Secondly, there is a better clock - namely Old Joe, the 100 metre clock tower at the University of Birmingham made of red brick and named after Joseph Chamberlain, the first chancellor of the University. No one who has seen this magnificent structure in real life can cease to be amazed - it is a truly magnificent protuberance, whether seen from below or in the distance on the horizon.

The People's Republic would also like to point out it exists in a better neighbourhood than its London rival - amongst some of the greatest minds in the country, rather than the lying, back-stabbing, self-satisfying parasites who have unfortunately been given the privilege of running the country.

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