Thursday, June 02, 2005

Election Troubles

Apparently, the European Constitution is now dead (or perhaps on life support according to some European sources - I've always maintained healthcare was much better in Europe). The Peoples' Republic is wondering what is happening to the Dutch. The French have always been a law unto themselves, so voting non was not a major surprise; but nej - we could see it coming but it is an amazing turnaround nonetheless. The Dutch used to be incredibly liberal and pro-European; now they seem to have a phobia about immigrants and are starting to have second thoughts about further European integration. Apparently, some of this stems from the belief that immigration to Holland from the New Europe and those from Islamic backgrounds are threatening their liberal values. I suppose its easy to be liberal when you have sent all your nutters to South Africa, but it is a lot harder when you've got people who aren't so tolerant in the country.

Why is it that liberals can accept anything and everyone except those who don't agree with themselves?

Back in the People's Republic meanwhile, Salma Yaqoob, the Respect Candidate who slashed Labour's majority to just over 3000, has made an official complaint regarding the general election result in Birmingham Sparkbrook. The Peoples' Republic will be taking a keen interest in these proceedings, particularly given Labour's reputation for "increasing turnout" in the city. Roger Godsiff in particular intrigues us; apparently he believes there should be no more immigration to Britain.

An odd thing to have said just before an election in a constituency with so may immigrant voters - unless they were about to defect to another party and he needed to court the "tory-waverers".

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