Sunday, October 21, 2007

World Championship Weakend

What a dire weekend for British sport. After the pathetic exploits of the Scottish and English national football teams on Wednesday, the World Championship weekend ended without a single British winner.

In the Rugby, a disallowed try possibly turned the outcome of the World Cup. I am a big believer that England is disadvantaged in Rugby as every other nation that takes the sport seriously hates us, with the possible exception of New Zealand and the South Sea islanders. As a result, it is difficult to get a neutral referee. A few decisions went against England in the final, including decisions on blocking as well as the try. However, South Africa were probably the best team in the tournament even though they had a rather easy draw and most England fans would have taken a second World Cup Final appearance if offered before the tournament. As for the try, there was enough doubt not to award it. Well done to both England and new World Champions South Africa.

Well done also to new Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen. Coming into the final race he was outsider in a three way title fight for the championship, but drove a faultless race to pull it off against all odds. Over two years ago I predicted on this blog that Raikkonen would come to dominate the sport; it is great to see him finally fulfilling his potential even though he defeated Lewis Hamilton in his amazing d├ębut season. I have also pointed out on this blog a couple of times the FIA's bias towards Ferrari. Even with the odds stacked against him the wise money would always have been on Raikkonen, particularly after Bernie Ecclestone said he would like to see him win to Martin Brundle before the race. As we may recall back in the early days of the Blair government, what Bernie Ecclestone wants, Bernie Ecclestone tend to get.

I will not dwell too long on the two Brum teams being beaten by those representing an inferior northern city either.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. The FIA and Ferrari are inseparable. McLaren are being punished for venturing to suggest a break-away F1, some time ago, and the WMSC is as good as owned by Ferrari anyway. Mosley said this weekend that the FIA has a special relationship with Ferrari. It's not even speculation anymore. It's cold hard, admitted to, fact.