Saturday, September 29, 2007

Political Incorrectness Gone Mad

Iain Dale has an interesting blog but it is at times ruined by his small minded conservatism. In a recent post Iain Dale's Diary: Political Correctness and Racial Profiling he defend racial profiling, claiming

"... that political correctness has to go out of the window when dealing with terrorism."

I have pointed out in the comments that when the IRA were bombing this country, white people were not being disproportionately stopped and searched.

Conservatives love to say that racism works both ways; but they don't half prefer the old-fashioned way.

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JRD168 said...

Same old Tory story. Welcome back by the way Louis, back with the proverbial vengeance!

I always thought that political correctness was so called because it's correct. The right thing to do in other words. Just a thought.