Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Changed Mind

I was slightly disappointed that the topic for the third Blog Action Day ended up being Climate Change, as I was under the impression that was the same as the topic chosen on the first blog action day two years ago. In fact I was wrong and it was actually about the Environment, which is obviously very similar. I used the day two years ago to urge more political progress on the issue of Global Warming. However, in the last two years, I have grown increasingly sceptical about it.

Sensationalized stories like this one from the supposedly unbiased BBC do not help. As pointed out on the Stirrer forum, all I need to do is rearrange and juxtapose a few sentence to show what nonsense it is.

This route is usually frozen but rising temperatures in the region caused by global warming have melted much of the ice allowing large ships to go through.

But the once impenetrable ice that prevented ships travelling along the northern Russian coast has been retreating rapidly because of global warming in recent decades.

The passage became passable without ice breakers in 2005.

Both ships left South Korea in late July, negotiating the passage off north-eastern Siberia behind two Russian icebreakers.


Tektlab said...

It is interesting to see the different proxies people use for recording temperature. I have just read 'Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years' by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery. They use the flawed grape vines in Britain as a proxy and then move on to cherry pick trends from other data sets.
Which dataset would you use to work out if the Artic is disappearing?

Louis said...

Have you got one you would recommend?

Tektlab said...

Both are good. They are direct measurements using callibrated equipment instead of proxies with error bars.

Tektlab said...