Saturday, September 20, 2008

The ProBrum Golf Test

Mike Rennie would wager that British Golf lovers and British euro-sceptics do overlap a teeny bit. It begs the question: who will they be supporting in the Ryder Cup? Can they swallow the hatred for the 12 stars they exhibit for the rest of the year over the three days Europe take on America to see who is the best at spoiling a good walk?

I am sure I read an article on the BBC a few years ago interviewing some prominent British euro-sceptics politicians on this very question. While I guess that many would have no problem supporting Europe, although they may have qualms with the EU flag being used to represent the continent, in this article many pretty much admitted they supported the US over the team with British representatives in, and one said he would prefer to support a US and British team taking on the rest of Europe (despite the fact this would be contrary to the history of the cup, where the UK played the US for the Ryder Cup). Unfortunately even with the aid of Google I cannot find this webpage so I cannot link to it; if anyone manages to find it please let me know.

We have all heard of Tebbit's Cricket Test which questions the loyalties of immigrants to this country. I wonder if there is scope for a "ProBrum Golf Test" which could determine whether euro-sceptics are loyal to their countrymen or their brand of politics?

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Praguetory said...

Re euro-sceptics, I don't think it's the Ryder Cup that they/we object to.