Saturday, August 16, 2008

England not Alabama

The Conservative Party Conference is coming to Birmingham in September, but I am a bit concerned that they may not know where our city is. Our Conservative-led council recently published a leaflet encouraging people to recycle featuring the city of our Alabama brothers in the header. I guess the leaflets will now have to be recycled so perhaps it achieved its purpose. This follows on from local Tory MEP's making exactly the same error earlier in the year as reported by the West Brom Blogger.

Just to make things clear guys: we never imprisoned Martin Luther King and Condoleeza Rice was not born in Brum. However, Mahatma Ghandi did visit the city in October 1931 and our most famous right-winger is probably Enoch Powell. Our landmarks include a tall cylindrical tower known as the Rotunda, and the controversial Selfridges building, which has loads of silver disks on a blue background.

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