Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hell On Wheels Premiere

You know when you have made it when you get invited to UK film premiere's... sort off. The following popped into my inbox with the words 'Please forward' so i thought I would give it some publicity.

Birmingham does not often host film Premieres of any kind (George Clooney's 'The Perfect Storm' opened in Star City, while Will Smith set a new record by attending three premieres in one day, including one on the UGC on Broad Street for his film 'Hitch') so supporting even smaller films like this is a worthy endeavour.


Hell on Wheels

Fresh from Official Selection screenings at festivals across North America and Australasia (including the South by Southwest Film Festival and the San Francisco DocFest), Hell on Wheels is the ass-kicking documentary film telling the story of a group of Texas women who band together to resurrect roller derby for the 21st century. Emerging from the Austin music and arts scene, these women create a rock and roll fuelled version of all-girl roller derby that has spawned the derby craze that's sweeping the nation.

Now the UK ’s own Roller Derby league – the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames – present the first European screening at Britain ’s oldest functioning cinema: The Electric Cinema, Birmingham , UK .

Premiere date: 5th July 2008

Screening times: 1pm and 11pm


online press kit and links to images and trailers at:

2001: The birth of an all-girl roller derby revolution begins in Austin , Texas .

Starting a revolution ain't an easy affair. After overcoming countless hurdles to organize, recruit and train, the rowdy rollergirls known as Bad Girl, Good Woman (BGGW) enjoy a smashingly successful first year, only to find a rift forming among the ranks of the 80 women. Polarized by issues of insurance, finances, and the direction the league should take, disenchanted skaters pull together and collectively bring their grievances to management. Accusations fly, and emotions run high as the two camps face off.

Ultimately, 65 of 80 skaters walk and form their own player-run league. Dealt a near fatal blow, management doesn’t give up. Instead, they recruit and rebuild their league to rebound in dramatic fashion. What emerges from the near-disaster are the Lonestar Rollergirls and the Texas Rollergirls. Both leagues pioneer a modern era of roller derby and inspire thousands of women across the US to follow suit.

Shot over a four year period and utilizing both verite footage and interviews, Hell on Wheels documents the creation of modern-era roller derby’s first two leagues.

The success of the Texas leagues has inspired hundreds of women across the world. Leagues of rollergirls are currently organizing or operating in Los Angeles , New York City, Seattle , Phoenix , North Carolina , Houston , Nevada , Tucson , Kansas City, Dallas , Madison , New Jersey , Pennsylvania , Australia , England , New Zealand , Canada and beyond…


Baht At said...

WTF is roller derby? I vaguely recall a craze for roller hockey during my early teens (indeed Heckmondwike still has a Roller Hockey arena)

Louis said...

To be honest, I could not tell you any more than Wikipedia could. Girls, Physical and Roller Skates are the three words that come to my mind!

Drill Sargeant (admin) said...

Thanks for this! Hope you can make it to the film --- if you want to know what roller derby is --- this is the story that tells all about it and you'll be watching it with your local roller derby league - the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

We really appreciate your support.

Drill Sargeant (admin) said...

Roller derby is a full contact skating sport on quad skates (old skool). It's a game of endurance, speed, aggression and sneaky strategy. Check out "How Stuff Works"

Louis said...

Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the film but I hope everything went well.