Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Gem of a Free Attraction

Apparently, the Museum of the Jewellery quarter in Birmingham has been ranked third in a list of the best free attractions in Europe. In an interesting article on the city recently by Iain Dale(in that it gave an outsiders view of Birmingham), one of the commenters noted that he tried to persuade his friend to buy and engagement ring from the area rather than Hatton Garden but she just would not listen.

Having lived in Birmingham all my life, I have known of the Jewellery quarter and its place in the history of the city, but have never really thought of it as one of our premier attractions. Perhaps we should pay more attention to this little gem of a local attraction.



... and just as the quarter has become an outlet for imported jewellery. One of my mother-in-law's neighbours was a jeweller there - ringsetter, made our wedding rings - I wish I'd taken photos of his workshop.


P.S. Technically, Birmingham is Britain's biggest city by far. We do ourselves a disservice with this Second City nonsense.

JPH said...

Just heard this mentioned on Radio WM this morning. Funny how stories like this seem to take forever to trickle up to the bigger news sources.