Saturday, May 03, 2008

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Cocunuts

Bruce Forsyth presented 'Have I Got News for You' and resurrected his career hosting 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Boris Johnson presented 'Have I Got News for You' and became the new Mayor of London.

Next weeks guest presenter: Barack Obama

So Boris is the new Mayor of London. My position on the matter is no different from what it was back in September. The Mayor of London should be a training ground for a future Prime Minister, not a popularity contest. It is unlikely that Boris will ever reach 10 Downing Street however well he runs London. Having said that, perhaps the left have underestimated Boris by assuming he is a bit of a clown who appears on comedy game shows. The reality is he ran a very good campaign to unseat Ken Livingstone, a feat which should not be underestimated itself despite the rantings of the right-wing press. It will be interesting to see how he performs in his new role.

If the Mayor has not undermined 'World-class' London, the BNP getting a seat on the GLA certainly has. As this article points out, Berlin, Paris and New York do not suffer from this embarrassing situation. I hope the London media remember this the next time they report on racial tensions in Birmingham, Bradford or any other northern towns they want to disparage.
At least we have not elected a fascist to the largest council in Europe.

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