Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boycott London 2012

As the Olympic torch arrives in India, home of a largest exiled Tibetan community, on its round the world tour, there have been more demonstrations against China's occupation of Tibet following the ones in Europe and America last week. I think it is great that what was intended to be a propaganda coup by the Chinese government has ended up as being a great advert for the Free Tibet campaign. The truth is Beijing should never have got the Olympics, although it has to be said that part of the reason the IOC did award the Olympics to Beijing was because the government claimed improved human rights was going to be one of the legacies.

However, awarding 2008 to Beijing was not the last mistake the IOC made. They dropped an even bigger clanger by awarding 2012 games to London. Hopefully the run-up to two weeks of national embarrassment will be preceded by round the world demonstrations against the awarding of the games to this "world-class city". Here are some of the things one could protest about:

Operation Iraqi Liberation (do not worry, in four years we will still be there)
Free Afghanistan
Free the Chagos Islands
Libere Las Malvinas
Free Scotland
Unite Ireland
Free Wales
Free Cornwall
Free Birmingham

Or even better, perhaps the United Kingdom of Greater London could make the M25 into a moat and declare independence. Then we could all sod off. I am struggling to think of a catchy slogan for this cause however.

Any ideas?


jams o donnell said...

Here's hoping the Government finally does the right thing and end its ludicrous objections to the Chagossians returning home long before 2012

Louis said...

Hear, hear! While many of the other "occupations" may be debatable or even comical, the issue surrounding the base at Diego Garcia is an absolute outrage.

Baht At said...

How does Free the Shit-heap sound?

Well that's what I call London

BTW that's the red shrimp exhaust you are looking down!

Louis said...

Not bad. "Liberate the Arsehole of England" would be the slogan using my usual term for the capital.

Re Formula Blogpower, it is just one race - let's see where we are at the end of the season!

Anonymous said...

What republic of Birmingham? That's like saying free Beijing from China or free Lhasa from Tibet.

jdcastro said...

Boycott London 2012, especially after the ticketing farce!

Boycott London 2012