Saturday, March 08, 2008

White is Right

I have been looking forward to the 'White' season on BBC ever since they started advertising it and I must say that the first programme yesterday 'Last Orders' did not disappoint. I say this as a working class Asian who grew up among second generation descendants of Irish immigrant labourers. It is important for the BBC to show the concerns of real white working class people so we can see and understand their real concerns, which are usually not the same as those of the BNP who claim to represent them.

Hopefully, it will go some way towards redressing the balance on the BBC, which is perceived to be biased towards the liberal middle classes. We do not need one season of this; we need to have a regular stream of programmes that challenge and educate us about the issues facing 21st century Britain particularly targeting groups that are under-represented by the mainstream media and political establishment (and it is not just the white working classes believe me).

Having said that, some right wingers will never be happy until the BBC broadcasts the Queen reading 'Mein Kampf' in English simultaneously on all available channels.


Beaman said...

I thought 'Last Orders' was terrible. It portrayed the white working class as ignorant and hate filled skinheads with swastikas on their Union Jacks.

The British working class (regardless of race) is so varied and rich in depth but this documentary went straight for the politically correct 'white racist chavs' angle.

It was painful to watch.

Louis said...

Your right to say that this is not representative of the views of the white working class which as you say encompass a wide variety of views. I think I like the idea of the programme because it helps to debunk the idea that the BBC will not report the views of "ordinary working class people" as some fascist would put it. These views do need to be aired in public so that we can respond to them.

Beaman said...

Yes, I agree. The views of many of those presented on that programme should be thoroughly condemned.