Sunday, November 11, 2007

PRoBrum Right-Leaning?

I love these kind of quizzes which map out your position on a two-dimensional political spectrum and compare you with current parties and political leaders past and present. I find them useful because I struggle to find a mainstream political party I fit in with These quizzes give me an opportunity to find out what the differences are. I am surprised to be right-leaning in this version, but I think part of the problem is that it defines neo-liberal politics as being right-wing, an opinion I disagree with (I believe free-markets are a centrist position that have been adopted by the right due to the success of socialist economics during the middle part of the twentieth century). A previous version on an American Scale had me as a Democrat.

Comparing myself with the 2005 UK political spectrum I am closest to the Liberal Democrats which I have always suspected, but this can be misleading due to the fact that the party is polarised between the Liberal and Social Democratic founding traditions. Thankfully, I am on the opposing side of the quadrant containing the BNP.

Interestingly nearly all modern political leaders are in the same quadrant as the two main parties, authoritarian neo-liberals. Is this because this is the most practical form of politics? I hope not. I think it shows that politicians are inclined to award themselves too much power as it keeps them in work. I believe most people who take this test will find themselves in the libertarian half of the chart, indicating to me that the growing chasm between electorates and their leaders does not involve positioning on the traditional left-right political spectrum, but is instead a failure by current governments to recognise that most aspects of life do not need to be legislated over, and that citizens must be given the freedom to live the lives they choose to live.

Hat-tip to Some Random Thoughts.


a very public sociologist said...

Lol, these things are notoriously unreliable. I knew a hardcore Stalinist who was a big fan of North Korea, was quite happy to defend Pol Pot, and believed Stalin wasn't hard enough who did this, and came out rated as a liberal lefty. Go figure.

Louis said...

I agree with you. Your position on the spectrum is as much down to the prejudices and ideology of the author of the test as your own beliefs. For example, I am against abortion but do not necessarily believe it should be illegal. Thus the wording of the statement can be crucial

British Patriot said...

I'm not saying which quadrant I live in.

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We are well on our way to becoming a thord world cesspit. Blair and his EU Cronies will be living in the EU.
we will be living in the cesspit.

Louis said...

From the kind of websites you are linking to, I think it is pretty obvious which quadrant you belong to.

It's certainly not mine.