Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dale's End

I seem to have been removed from Iain Dale's Blogroll. It happened sometime after I posted this article attacking his position on, of all things, freedom of speech.

There would be an irony if I was removed from the blogroll of someone who believes freedom of speech is the right to offend because, well, I offended them by pointing out (using freedom of speech) that they were wrong?

I really do not have time for right-wing hypocrites. Iain Dale follows Guido Fawkes in being dumped from the select few who make the national People's Republic blogroll.


Iain Dale said...

Louis, I have no idea why or when you dropped off my blogroll. It was certainly not because of the article you refer to. Anyway, in a spirit of comradeliness I have reinstated you.

Louis said...

Hello Iain,

Thanks for responding. If this was a genuine mistake then I am happy to apologise for my statement. I am not one to go looking for arguments so you can consider diplomatic relations to be resumed, and we will forget about the matter.

However, I am aware of posts on websites you will know about questioning the appearance and disappearance of links to blogs that have been critical of you. I have no idea how accurate these posts are, and whether indeed these were deliberately culled or not. My personal opinion is that it would be preferable if people could not level these accusations against you, because I do like your blog even though I may not agree with everything you say. Accusations such as those being levelled against your blog detract from the excellent work you have done to expose the blogosphere to the mainstream media.