Thursday, August 24, 2006

Birmingham by Bus

I cannot really be bothered to blog at the moment and news is a bit thin on the ground anyway. In an attempt to move this blog away from just writing, here is a video from the new net craze YouTube. It is called Broad Street by Bus. Unfortunately I cannot bring you the aroma of cannabis on the top deck, or the litter on the floor, but I know this blog has an international readership and hopefully it will bring back a few memories.

Not all bad hopefully.

Incidentally I have resumed using the buses on my break from work this week after six months of using almost nothing but the car for longer-than-walking-distance journeys. I was amused to see the signs up asking for passengers to smile and say thank you if the driver got you to your destination safely and on time, because "it is not easy being a bus driver".

I know how they felt - on Travel West Midlands, it is not easy being a passenger either.

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