Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cockney's Arsenal it up

The People's Republic was incredibly patriotic while following the Champions League final, supporting fellow second city Barcelona over the cockney scum of Arsenal. What a pity - it appears a team from London still haven't lifted Europe's premier trophy. And what a bunch of moaners Arsenal are - claiming the referee was biased against them despite the fact that he disallowed a clear Barcelona goal. And haven't the French been told that level is onside - hence Et'oo's goal was perfectly fine.

Meanwhile on Buggers Broadcasting Capital-ism I found this article in the build-up to the game. The offending section is called Capital Gains and I will point out the following deliberate mistakes - my comments are in italics.

"It may seem surprising that Arsenal are the first team from London to reach the final of the European Cup or Champions League. " - no it is not, because London teams are shite.

"But in the competition's 50-year history, only five countries have had a team from their capital city take the honours. " - I would be interested in comparing that figure to the number of different countries who have had a club lift the trophy - I suspect it is not that much larger

"Despite their reputation as footballing powerhouses, England, Italy, Germany and France have never seen a team from their capital lift the crown..." - Rome, Berlin and Paris do not have more than two football teams in their top flight - PSG were only formed in 1974 so there wasn't even a team in Paris for nearly half the years since the competition has been running. London currently has six teams in the top flight, and has had roughly that number for the fifty years since the competition started.

"...- a fact Arsenal will hope to change." Unfortunately David Dein doesn't have the "influence" in Europe that he does in England.

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